[Reflections] God’s Got This

At Christmas I bought myself this plaque that had caught my eye when browsing the internet. And when it came, just before Christmas, I put it on the ledge by our front door as a reminder when leaving the house that whatever I was to face that day, God had got me and was with me.

As many of you know we also live with our increasingly vocal 3 year old who recently has taken an even greater interest in reading. She picked up the plaque the other days and started to try to read it, sounding out some of the letters. I turned to her, pointing at the plaque and said, ‘it says, “God’s got this”.’ She repeated it a couple of times, it was lovely to hear, but as time went on I thought little more of it.

A few days later, just at the start of this week in fact, we came in the door one day and Caris went straight for the plaque on the ledge. She then spent at least the next 10 mins waving this plaque around in the air and saying loudly, over and over, “God’s got this”, “God’s got this”. It truly made my heart sing! 

Little did we know then what we know now and all that we still do not know. But one thing is certain, God has got this, He has got us, each one us. He is still the One who goes before us and equally the One who walks by our side in every moment of our lives. 2 Corinthians 5:7 reminds us that as Christians “we live by faith, not by sight”, and in these days where there is so much we don’t know, this is exactly what we need to continue to do. 
So may we be assured, however we’re feeling as we read this, that God HAS got this, He has got each one of us. May we keep singing of His love and faithfulness through this storm, for God will surely carry us through.

God’s got this…let’s keep holding onto Him.

Sian x

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