Sunday Reflections – Sunday 22nd March 2020

Hi Everyone,
Sundays are going to be looking very different at the moment due to the restrictions on meeting together in order to try and battle COVID-19 (Coronavirus). However, just because we cannot meet together for worship, it does not mean that we cannot share together in worship.
Please find below some thoughts and reflections to help you in your worship this Sunday.
Take care and God Bless,
Sian & Alex. 
Sunday Reflections – Sunday 22nd March 2020
A Song to reflect upon: My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

Father God,

As we come to you on this new day, we acknowledge that you are our unchanging, everlasting God. We thank you that this day your mercies are new, as they are each morning, and that you promise to sustain us by your grace in every circumstance and season of our lives.

Lord, at this time our thoughts are very much with others, with those who suffer, with those who are lonely, with those who are feeling unsure and uncertain. We think of our doctors and nurses, and all those who give of their abilities and their resources to help others.

Lord, would you strengthen our national health service in these days and all who work for it. Would you be with those that we love, both near and far as we live through these days.

Would you bless our church family, wherever we all are today, although scattered in one sense, would you bring us together by your Spirit as we think of each other, and hold each other in prayer at this time.

Father would you pour out your love, your healing, and your grace on us, on our country and on our world. We need you so much. Draw near to us each we pray and speak to our hearts as we long to meet with you.

In Jesus’ name we ask it


Songsters Item: Under His Wings (Youtube:
Bible Reading: Psalm 91
Thought: Trace The Rainbow 
(Listen to the Bible Reading and though via our new podcast:—Trace-the-Rainbow-ebnn1e)
Band Item: Share my yolk (Youtube:
God Bless You All.
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